Release: KILL la KILL - 02

Written on 11.10.2013 | Tags: Release, Anime, KILL la KILL, Trigger, HD, 10-bit

Here's the second episode of KILL la KILL! The title comes from this song.


Comment by Anon | Posted on 11.10.2013 06:27 #

This release is faster because of why?

Comment by Kishi | Posted on 11.10.2013 08:42 #

Thanks for the release!

Comment by PaleBlue | Posted on 11.10.2013 09:49 #

Anon: First releases are almost always slower than subsequent ones, because the sub team is organizing around a show, deciding how they're going to translate or edit certain things, and also translating and typesetting the OP/ED. This is true for almost all groups, except rip groups that just pull straight from CR and post it (HorribleSubs)

Comment by Anonymous | Posted on 11.10.2013 11:19 #

I really prefer the effort and translation put into this release compared to any other subs for Kill la Kill. Thanks a ton!

Comment by Anonymous | Posted on 11.10.2013 11:42 #

Thank you

Comment by Justinnnnnn | Posted on 11.10.2013 12:17 #


Comment by Anon | Posted on 11.10.2013 14:19 #


Also, the image seems to be broken.

Comment by ikari134823947 | Posted on 11.10.2013 15:43 #

what video source are you using for this?

Comment by Xikarra | Posted on 11.10.2013 16:16 #

This shows doesn't make any sense but it's so fucking entertaining.

Comment by Anonymous | Posted on 11.10.2013 16:24 #

Can I suggest God Garment instead of Godrobe?

Comment by sigma | Posted on 11.10.2013 16:29 #

thanks for the release and keep up the great work. small things but doesn't your group usually use honorifics?

Comment by Justinnnnnn | Posted on 11.10.2013 16:31 #

Oh God, please don't use honorifics.

Comment by Daiz | Posted on 11.10.2013 17:14 #

>doesn't your group usually use honorifics?

No, we don't. We may sometimes have dual tracks (like we have with Nagi no Asukara), but we default to no honorifics and have done so for a long time.

Comment by Anon | Posted on 12.10.2013 03:14 #

It has honorifics because of Vivid, right, Daiz?

Comment by Nigga | Posted on 12.10.2013 04:52 #

It's to steal Chihiro's downloads, stupid.

Comment by nikolai131 | Posted on 12.10.2013 08:22 #

Thnaks for the release ^^

Comment by manma | Posted on 14.10.2013 13:22 #

daiz, where could i find you on irc?

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